Selection of Expatriate Pakistani Professionals

The Programme Management Committee will be a focal point for cooperation and coordination among the agencies involved in the conduct of the programme and will be a major decision making body. The committee will be headed by the Secretary, Professional and Technical Training with its members from President’s Secretariat, Planning Commission, NTP, OEC and the Project Director as Member / Secretary. The representatives/s from host agency/ies concerned will be invited to participate in the meeting to justify technical requirements for selection of the expatriate professionals. The Committee shall meet regularly to attend to the following tasks:

  • To prepare guidelines for effective implementation of the programme.
  • To screen candidates and authorize their placement.
  • To join the Word Association of Public Employment Services(WAPES) to have contact with public services agencies in indertrialized countries to provide employment apportunities for Pakistanis talent.
  • To monitor the programme in the directions specified in the documents.
  • To review periodic evaluations, progress reports and in other evaluation activities for continuous improvement of performance of the programme.
  • To review budget proposals including financial investigation and make recommendations.
  • The decisions of the committee will be appropriately circulated.
Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Islamabad.
Additional Secretary,
President’s Secretariat, Islamabad.
Planning and Development Division , Islamabad.
Project Director(FFHP),
Higher Education Commission
Managing Director,
Overseas Employment Corporation,
Director General,
National Talent Pool
Ministry of Education and Trainings, Islamabad
Representative/s from concerned Host Organization/s
(Participation mandatory)

Likely Consultancies

Latest News

Review meeting regarding project activities and progress has been scheduled under the Chairmanship of Secretary M/O Federal Education and Professional Training dated 14th Oct, 2016 in the Committee room of Ministry. DG NTP, Director PPQP along with Technical Team will make the presentation.

13th Project Management Committee Meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, on 16th February, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. The 29 cases of highly qualified overseas Pakistanis were discussed in which 17 cases have been approved.

D.G, NTP / PD,PPQP gave detail interview on Radio Pakistanis on 18th January,2016 at 10:00 am to aware the public about the working & objectives of NTP / PQQP.

Mr. Haseeb Athar has taken up the charge as Federal Secretary for Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

Mr. Haseeb Athar has taken up the charge as Federal Secretary for Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.