Processing Procedure
  • On receipt of prescribed Personal History Statement (PHS) proforma, these are registered and duly acknowledged to each and every professional by the National Talent Pool.
  • These proformas are scrutinized and circulated to all concerned Federal Ministries / Divisions, Provincial Government Departments, Research Institutions, Universities and Professional Colleges, Chambers and Commerce and Industry for requisitioning their services.
  • Deficient areas/ sectoral needs for the services of highly qualified Pakistanis abroad of the local organizations are obtained on a prescribed Technical Requirement (TR) proforma on a regular basis.
  • On receipt of requisition and Job Description from any agency in Pakistan, willingness and date/ period of availability of the Pakistani Expatriate Professional for the assignment are obtained.
  • Liaison is established among the professional/s and host agency/ies to settle minutest details to ensure full utilization of services of the professional/s.
  • On finalization of a mutually agreed work plan and schedule of visit, the case is placed before the Project Management Committee for approval of the visit/s or otherwise.
  • Clearance from DIB is obtained.
  • Offer letters are issued after approval of the visit and logistic arrangements including travel and payment of daily subsistence allowance (through local host agency) are made.
  • Evaluation is made by having report from the professional of work accomplished and views/comments by respective host agency on the work carried out through specific proformas.

Likely Consultancies

Latest News

Review meeting regarding project activities and progress has been scheduled under the Chairmanship of Secretary M/O Federal Education and Professional Training dated 14th Oct, 2016 in the Committee room of Ministry. DG NTP, Director PPQP along with Technical Team will make the presentation.

13th Project Management Committee Meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, on 16th February, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. The 29 cases of highly qualified overseas Pakistanis were discussed in which 17 cases have been approved.

D.G, NTP / PD,PPQP gave detail interview on Radio Pakistanis on 18th January,2016 at 10:00 am to aware the public about the working & objectives of NTP / PQQP.

Mr. Haseeb Athar has taken up the charge as Federal Secretary for Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

Mr. Haseeb Athar has taken up the charge as Federal Secretary for Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.